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Elected Officers

Noele Villa


Ginger Calderaro

Vice-president, Membership

John Reece
Vice-president, Communications

Ellyn Fitzgerald
Vice-president, Operations

Ronald Rini


VSTA Unit Leaders

Central High School
Maureen Boyce

Co-Unit Leaders, Memorial Junior High School
Anne Larkin and Holly Lopez

Co-Unit Leaders, North High School
Al Daddino and Joe Powers

Co-Unit Leaders, South High School
Anthony Geremina and Melissa Torregrosa

District Thirteen
Jacqueline Schimmenti - Howell
Debora O'Connor - Dever
Ewa Jedynak - Wheeler
Nanci Brochhagen - Willow

District Twenty-Four
Joseph Schumpf - Buck
Marie Healy - Carbonaro
Kathleen Carter - Brooklyn

District Thirty
Deanna Cerrone - Shaw
Anthony Auciello - Forest Road
Maura Brennan - Clearstream

HS Teaching Assistants
Karen Wallace - South High School

#13 Teaching Assistants

Deanna Gisonda

#13 Teacher Aides

Patricia Babst

Educational Office Personnel
Elizabeth King-Giordano

Registered Nurses
Estelle Dempsey

Grievance Chairman
Timothy Boyens


Office Staff

Office Manager
Patricia DeProspo

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