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  • Noele Villa, President

Certification: Don’t Put Your Job in Jeopardy!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

All teachers and teaching assistants must hold valid certification. It is your

professional responsibility to maintain your certification and be aware of its

expiration. The easiest way to keep track of your certification is through the

TEACH system. Click here to access the TEACH log in page.

The initial certificate is valid for 5 years. The five-year period should be used to

complete the following requirements for a professional certificate:

● Completion of an acceptable Graduate Degree

● 3 years of Verified Teaching Experience

● Participation in a Mentor Program

● Completion of the DASA workshop

If for any reason you cannot meet these requirements within the five years

window, you should apply for a time extension using the TEACH system. This

should be done, preferably, before the expiration of the initial certification.

Members who have already reached professional certification status must register

every 5 years and complete 100 CTLE hours. These hours are satisfied through

additional coursework beyond the award of a Master’s Degree, through

Professional Development and meetings throughout the school year.

Members who hold permanent certification are required to register every 5 years,

but are not required to complete CTLE hours.

If you have a certification question, you may find the answer on the NYSUT

website. There is an entire section dedicated to this topic. NYSUT also maintains

a certification department to help with issues and offers workshops and CTLE


Please know you can always call the VSTA office with any questions.

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